By: Dr. Mustafa Kalhoro

Now a days Qamber Shahdadkot district, previous Larkano district and some parts of Dadu district is that area which was anciently well known as Kalhorrki. Its boundaries touch with the boundaries of districts Khairpur, Shikarpur, Naushahro Feroz, Dadu and Baluchistan Province.

This is the area which was used as an initial platform for Kalhoro family. As such Mian Adam Shah kicked off his movement from Hatri Ghulam Shah where Abdur Rahim Khan Khanan had downed his knees before Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro for prayer to success and bestowed much agriculture land to meet the basic needs of his followers. In this way Kalhoro family became the masters of the area from generation to generation and his enthusiast devotees increased day by day and this family became much popular in the whole area.

After the imprisonment and martyrdom of Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro his son Mian Daud and his grand sons Mian Ilyas Muhammad and Mian Shah Ali alias Mian Shahal Muhammad continued his mission through a movement which is famous as “ Mianwal Tahreek”

After the martyrdom of Mian Shahal Muhammad Kalhoro excluding his devotees, people of the area sympathetically became supporters and fans of the family which were leaded by Mian Naseer Muhammad Kalhoro. Year by year a fair is organized at Qamber Taluka in the memory of Mian Shahal Muhammad Kalhoro Shaheed.

This is the time when this area was known as Kalhorrki means the area of Kalhoro’s. The history of this area is as old as Civilization of Moen-Jo-Daro which is five thousand years old.

Mr Ghulam Muhammad Lakho, a research scholar describe Kalhorrki as,
“ KALHORRAN JA CHAGHA MURRIS KALHORRKI MEIN RAHAN THA JO HIN WAQT LARKANO, NASEERABAD, KAKARR AEI JOHI TALUKAN MEIN SAMJHO WAJHI TA MUNASIB AAHE.” Translation “The notables of Kalhora’s inhabit in Kalhorrki, now a days it would be appropriated that this area (Kalhorrki) consists on Larkana, Naseerabad, Kakarr and Johi talukas”

Kalhorrki was well developed and irrigated in the times of Kalhoro’s. The construction of Cannal “Ghaar Wah” is one of the monuments in Kalhorrki.

After down fall of Kalhoro family this area was known as Chandka due to rise of Chandio family, then after down fall of Chandio family it became Larkano and recently it is split into two districts one Larkana and other Qamber Shahdadkot.

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