Tanoli (sub tribe of Abbasi)

The Tanoli are a tribe of the Tanawal valley region in the Hazara. The Tanolis are Arabic origin and descent from Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib , The paternal Uncle of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).The Most members of the Tanoli tribe reside in the former princely state of Amb in the Hazara Division of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, in the cities of Abbottabad, Khalabat Township, Haripur and its district, Mansehra, Battagram and Kohistan districts. A branch of the Tanoli tribe also resides in Kashmir, mainly in Muzaffarabad and Srinagar. Tanolis also inhabit the cities of Quetta and Karachi. They dominate the Tanawal-Sherwan belt.

In Afghanistan, the Tanoli primarily live in the eastern provinces of Paktia, Gardez, and Ghazni..The word Tanawal is derived from Taniwal., The Tanoli participated in the frontier wars with the British and in Charles Allen’s analysis of those wars were described as “extremely hostile” and “brave and hardy and accounted for the best swordsmen in Hazara.”

They have a history that The Tanoli consider themselves to descend from one Amir Khan,who (so says their tradition) arrived in the Tanawal valley with his sons around 1500, having crossed the Indus river to get there.

The ancestors of the Tanoli eventually settled in Mahaban. Some time later, in search of land, they crossed the Indus river under the command of Maulvi Mohammad Ibrahim, and captured territory from the Turkic peoples settled there. Among the new settlers was Amir Khan Beerdewa and his six sons (Pall Khan, Hind Khan, Thakar Khan, Arjin Khan and Kul Khan) who settled the Tanawal region; the six clans or sub-tribes are allegedly named after the six sons of Beerdewa. Tanoli’s have ruled the state of Amb of Hazara since the 13th century up until the wars with the Sikhs in the 19th century. They were frequently engaged in rebellions with successive rulers of the Delhi Sultanate as well as allying with Ahmed Shah Abdali in his conquest of India. They were also the last ruling dynasty of the State of Amb. Charles Allen in his book referred to them as “the extremely hostile and powerful Tanolis of the Tanawal Moutains”. They were also the last ruling dynasty of the State of Amb. “Many Mouths, Many sayings” Many people tried to link the tanoli with their own tribe or another one else. but it’s clear and accepted from the history.That they are Abbasi. Tanoli are not Jungua. Tanoli are not Barlas Mughals. Barlas mughals are those who connect them selves with (IERO MA JEET BARLAS )(Turk and Barlas Mughals are from same branch there grand father is same if we are mughal or turk …why turk arrange the army of (12000) soldiers against (4000) tanoli’s to stop them to enter in pakhal because they rule pakhal at that time if we are there Brothers they welcome us with open arms but they fight with us many time but they failed to stop us to enter us in this area and we defeat Turks (Tarikh -E-Tanoliyan) (Murad Shah). Tanoli are not Rajas. Tanoli did’t come with Greek Alaxander. Tanoli’s are not Pukhtoon : check the list of Pahtoon tribes l you can not finde tanoli’s in the history books of pushtoons as a sub tribe of pushtoons or as a pushtoon(Tehkik-e-afghana) by (sami jan) and i have also mentioned the link of the map which has taken from the book of SIR OLAF CARO book The Pathans He did not mention tanoli area(land) and tanoli’s in the list of pushtoon tribes .. Tanoli Cheif Ameer Khan martyred in battle aginst Yousfzai tribe. Yousfzai occupied the area of swat and buner and compled the tanoli tribe to the estern bank of indus river. The genesis of tanoli leads to the Al-Abbas ibn Abd-al-Muttalib, the Paternal uncle of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). from this Reference they are Abbasi.